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FREE Small Root Beer Float at Roots 89 (Just Ride Your Bike Over)

You can now enjoy a FREE Small Root Beer Float at Roots 89 just by riding your bike over! Sponsoring this location was made possible by a generous $500 donation from The Miner Foundation, based out of St. George.

Roots 89 Grill is located in the Historical District of Spring City, Utah. You can also dine-in, use their convenient drive-thru, call ahead, or order online to enjoy all-American burgers, fries, shakes, ice cream, onion rings, fried cheese curds (you gotta try), and more! Their food is made fresh with the belief that quality ingredients matter. Many have said their burger is the best around!

The Roots 89 building is a 100-year-old Soda Fountain and Mercantile with a wonderful ambiance and history. Every time you bike over to Roots 89 and enjoy a root beer float, you support a local family-owned business! Roots 89’s mission is inspired by a deep passion for providing delicious food in an eclectic community and bringing commerce to our main street businesses. Every custom experience matters to them, and they look forward to serving the Spring City community for years to come!

Cycle Sanpete believes that small-town charm can be maintained by reducing vehicles on the road and by encouraging people to get out and explore their environment on a bike or on foot. Biking to daily destinations, such as our local business owners, is a great way to have fun, be healthy, and make memories with friends and family. Please support Roots 89 by biking over for your FREE small root beer float today!


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