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Cycle Sanpete Team

Meet the team who runs Cycle Sanpete!

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Jill Colby, Cycle Sanpete Founder

Jill's love for Sanpete County lies in its connection to nature and the warmth of community. After the birth of her daughter, and reading the book Happy City by Charles Montgomery, Jill became very aware of the need for safer cycling routes throughout the county. As a mother, Jill wants her daughter to always have the freedom to walk or cycle without fear, be it for leisure or commuting purposes. She believes cities should prioritize designing streets that ensure the safety of families, rather than prioritizing the convenience and speed of cars. Jill would love to see cycling become a natural way of life for every Sanpeter. 


Katie Hopkins, Board Member

Katie moved to the Sanpete area in 2017 and hasn't looked back. She grew up riding a bike since 8 years old, and always appreciated her parents' efforts to provide bikes to ride. Katie and her husband continue that tradition by each owning a bike and providing bikes for their kids. Though she considers herself a "casual" cyclist, Katie firmly believes in the benefits of cycling and the need for safe routes for riding and other recreational activities.

As a Health and Physical Education Teacher at North Sanpete Middle School in Moroni, she wants to promote and provide opportunities for students to live a healthy lifestyle. Katie recently applied for and received a grant for a fleet of Specialized bikes and helmets from the Outride Foundation to implement the Ride 4 Focus program at the middle school. She is excited for the experiences she will be able to offer students through this program, as well as the future for cycling and other recreation in the area.


Lara Kendall, Board Member

Lara entered the cycling community when she moved to Utah over 20 years ago. Cycling has offered her a way to explore the beautiful areas in and around the intermountain west, meet new people and create lasting friendships. Cycling not only contributes to mental and physical fitness but also allows for the development of skills and confidence that easily extend to other areas of life.  Lara has cherished the strong sense of community she has developed through cycling and is excited to help promote more opportunities in Sanpete County. She created a 6.5 mile single track mtn bike trail in Spring City and is an advocate for safe bike paths in our county. Her goal is to help promote a healthy lifestyle through outdoor physical activity, especially in rural areas, that have historically lacked access to quality public trails. 


Advisory Board

Meet the people that give us really great advice. 


Mike West

Mike West is the Lehi Planning Division Manager and has been with Lehi City since 2011. Mike completed his undergraduate degree in Urban Planning from the University of Utah and his graduate degree in Public Administration from Brigham Young University. Mike has earned his AICP certification from the American Planning Association and he also led the creation of the Jordan River Overlay zone that earned an American Planning Association award of excellence. Mike has been incredible to share lessons learned from Lehi and from the Netherlands. His expertise in bike path design has helps us to think big and innovatively.    


Jane Colby

Jane Colby is an original Sanpeter. Her heritage helped settle the valley and her family has been here ever since. Jane easily puts 400 miles on her bike every summer! Her insights into various projects and attendance to every Cycle Sanpete activity has been extrememly important in moving our initiatives forward. 

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